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Chances are you are looking for something in particular. The best way to research your project is to find your Question. Here are the 18 most common questions.

Find yours and visit related vendor sites on our Products Page. Come back to Door Shopping Advice, then visit us at our showroom, or call us at (800) 366-7754, (201) 327-1414.


   Where should I start? I am building/renovating my house and I need front doors.

   After identifying style and budget, you can start with these vendors:

  • Hi-end wood: IWP, Fontrick, AAW

  • Hi-end fiberglass: IWP Aurora, ThermaTru Classic Craft

  • Medium priced wood or fiberglass: Masonite Corp, ThermaTru Fiber Classic & Smooth Star, Simpson,         Rouge Valley, Glass Craft

  • Economy: ThermaTru Smooth Star, Simpson, Jeld-wen, Rouge Valley (2000/3000 Series)

  • Interior Doors: Masonite Corp., Craftmaster, Trustile, Jeld-wen Interior, Millennium - Lemieux

    Do you sell weatherstripping?

    Since the onset of Covid we are not providing in-field repair, weatherstripping and refinishing work. 

    All our services are reserved for our installed sales projects. However, we do remain the #1 source of                  weatherstripping products available for purchase. We still encourage you to inquire and send us a couple        of photos and a description of your door situation.  Our advice is free and perhaps we can help you with a        referral.


   Pet Doors:

   Pet doors can be ordered in our Provia Storm Door Line and that is usually our suggestion.


   Could I get a regular door with blinds?

    Doors with blinds are very practical and popular. See ThermaTru S130 & S132 1/2 lite and full lite.

    How do I change my interior doors from the 60’s and 70’s?

    We suggest you visit our Masonite Corp., Jeld-wen Craftsmaster, Reeb Interior Catalog, and Trustile    links.      We specialize in taking the hassle out of changing all your doors.


    Where do I find a round top door? Do you have Craftsman or Tudor style doors?

    Yes, IWP Estate Series, ThermaTru fiberglass, Simpson Bungalow series, HMI Storm Doors.

    Round top doors are a little tricky and expensive. We could be very helpful here.


    Could I get French Doors to my dining / living rooms?

    Look up Lemieux, Jeld-wen, Trustile, Woodgrain. Remember installation is critical if                you have                existing framed openings.


    Could I get a regular door? Nothing fancy? My kitchen / rear door gets all the family traffic.

    Start with ThermaTru Smooth Star, Simpson, and Lemieux. We have some good suggestions on ¼, to full          glass doors and storm door combinations.


    Do you have storm doors?

    Yes, ProVia, HMI and storm windows too.


    Do you recommend bifolds?

     Yes, usually for laundry closets and hallways. Go to Masonite, Woodgrain, Custom. Almost any                           door panel could be made into a bifold. 
     Avoid cheap tracks and hardware. - Note: Most manufactures have discontinued mirror bi-pass and bifold         doors - too much liability.


    Could I up-grade my hardware? Interior – Exterior

    Check any of our listed hardware vendors. Start with Emtek and Omnia, Rocky Mountain, and Baldwin.              Ashley Norton has a whole new line on display at North Jersey Door Center.


    Do you carry super contemporary doors?

    For some gorgeous designs go to; IWP contemporary and designer collection for stainless steel.                        ThermaTru has a contemporary section in their huge catalog. Basically flush doors with some      new                  contemporary glass configurations. See Ari, Linea, Echo, Solei by ThermaTru.


    Could you recommend a Tuscany or rustic style door, perhaps with some wrought iron?

    You will love some of these looks, IWP Estate Collection, Simpson Bungalow, MD Iron Works (Our Own               Brand) and HMI – steel security storm doors. Glass Craft has a Mahogany Wrought Iron Collection as well         as their Buffalo Forge all metal door systems.


    Could you match an interior door style on my 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s house?

    Many of the old style doors are still made by Simpson interior, Woodgrain, Lemieux and custom. New                designs of flat panel doors, Madison and Craftsman 3-Panel by Jeld-Wen. 5-horizontal raised panels,                Rockport by Jeld-Wen, Riverside by Masonite.


    Do you sell weather-stripping? Will you fix old doors? Pet doors?

    Call us for service, we have tremendous inventory in weather-stripping parts. We can fix existing doors              expertly.


    Do you sell sliding doors?

    We carry both Jeldwen and Andersen. ThermaTru has a nice fiberglass price point alternative readily                  available. ProVi makes good vinyl replacements.


    Can I buy wood screen doors?

    Easy change doors are available. We have Victorian styles on display. Click on the Easy Change logo.


    What kind of door do you recommend for my heavy exposure?

    Fiberglass in IWP Aurora, ThermaTru, Masonite Corp, HMI. We will explain all the differences and                      advantages of fiberglass technology.


    Do you sell windows?

    Yes, Yes! Visit direct links to Jeldwen Siteline, Andersen 400 Series, custom, and for storm windows, see            ProVia. For replacement windows, ProVia 300 series is the best.


    How can I improve security?

    We can install and replace hardware on existing doors. Call for service and visit any of our hardware                  vendors.


    I don’t want to paint/stain my doors. Can you help?

    We do not refinish doors any more - but can guide you with referrals. Most of our products are sold with 

    factory pre-finish and carry various manufactures warrantees

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